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Investment opportunity in plots in Dehradun

Dehradun is the capital city of Uttarakhand and has always been a popular tourist destination. The city is a 236-kilometer drive away from New Delhi.

The peaceful environment coupled with high mountain ranges and activities of leisure has attracted several investors to buying weekend homes or second homes. The city of Dehradun also has some renowned educational institutions and developed industrial sectors. Although the city showed slow growth in the real estate sector, due to rapid urbanization property prices have doubled in the recent past Second Home Investment Dehradun is a 6-hour drive from New Delhi and investment in this area will act as an ideal second home destination or a weekend home destination. The city offers a lot of tourism coupled with a great climate and green environment. This great climate is one major advantage that has successfully lured several investors into buying second homes.


Dehradun has always been a tourist hot spot due to its advantageous location. The MDDA has also proposed a tourist center over 28 acres of land to promote tourism further.

Construction of 5-star hotels, malls, and recreational facilities is in full swing. This tourism growth is triggering commercial and residential real estate growth High Return on Investments Dehradun has been voted as the fifth most preferred destination for real estate investments by the NRIs. Dehradun has shown a lot of potential in recent times and without a doubt, it has lived up to these claims as the property prices have risen constantly. According to experts this trend is set to continue and will eventually lead to a high return on investment by making Dehradun a safe investment option Top Builder In the last decade or two, Dehradun just had plotted developments but the surge in property prices and investors showing their interest in this region has led to a shift of events. The increased investments have attracted several developers, especially premier builders in Delhi to propose major projects. The development in social infrastructure and rapid urbanization has also led to these developers considering Dehradun. The property prices in Dehradun are on average. The introduction of newer projects has just doubled the demand for real estate.

Technological and Educational Hub

Dehradun is fast transforming into a technological and educational hub. The constant surge in population has helped Dehradun in its infrastructural growth.

Furthermore, the heavy tourism has encouraged many to set up businesses and stores in Dehradun which are profitable. The city has successfully managed to keep up with the pace of the current lifestyle and has adopted to latest fashion trends, entertainment, and technology. The Indira market is the place in the city for all shopping needs. There are other projects which will see the construction of malls and recreational facilities. The Doon School in Dehradun is considered one of the premier schools in India which provides top-tier educational facilities and has several students around India enrolling Benefits of investing in plots There are several benefits of investing in plots that have been summarized further to provide a clear idea so that maximum benefits can be attained. Nowadays, purchasing land is preferred more as compared to buying a flat as there are several advantages, and no doubt tiger shree in real estate happens to be the most stable option. Land purchasing has become a much more popular option, and the demand for land has increased tremendously for various reasons.

  1. More Flexible Investment Option

While purchasing an apartment, one looks into its decor from the point of view of the architect, and opportunities to make changes are limited as a complete layout change is certainly not possible.

On the contrary, a plot or land is similar to an empty canvas which gives multiple opportunities to design and decorate it with the leverage of having one’s own will and choice. A house is for a lifetime, and therefore, illustrating and designing have to be done according to one’s taste and personality as well as lifestyle requirements.

  1. Land Does Not Need Maintenance Charges

After purchasing a flat or an apartment, one has to pay monthly maintenance charges, including plumbing issues, electrical problems, and renovations, irrespective of whether the person decides to stay in that flat or keeps it locked. The benefit of investment in plots is that it does not demand any such cost, hence saving a good amount of money every month.

  1. Initial Investment Is Lower

The benefit of investment in plots is that it is cost-effective, which means one can purchase a piece of land and build a home later, whenever it is affordable, while the initial investment remains low because the price of a furnished apartment will always be higher than an empty plot.

  1. No Delay in Possession

One of the most important benefits of investing in plots is that there is no time gap between the purchase and possession of the land. A flat, which is under construction demands a wait time until the construction is completed. Also, the final handover time depends upon the stage of construction the project is in. Whereas land does not require any construction, and therefore, owners have the liberty to take possession immediately after purchase.

  1. Land is a Tangible Asset

Unlike shares and bonds, a plot of land is a tangible asset. If the market is stable, the plot prices would appreciate a lot. On the contrary, there is a high chance that the value of the built house will undergo depreciation owing to wear and tear over time, but the value of land depreciates only in extremely rare situations. Hence, it proves to be one of the most beneficial options for investment.

Key takeaways

· Investment in plots ensures tremendous opportunities since it does not require higher maintenance costs while giving the leverage of construction, whenever it’s affordable for the owner of the land.

· Dehradun has always been a tourist hot spot due to its advantageous location.

· Buying a plot of land gives you the flexibility to design a house as per your tastes and space requirements.

· Owing to the low investment and maintenance cost required for a piece of plot, it gives peace to the mind and confidence that upon selling, it would fetch a good amount.

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